We Begin To Change The Rules September 16 - 17, 2015 - Here's Why

  • Amazing Speakers

    Innovators and creators who bring the best that humans have done to distribution.

  • Relevant Application

    Through our interactive Lift and Shift® workshop you draw relevancy to your business and walk away with your actionable playbook.

  • Eye Opening Ideas

    Always real, and at times provocative. Brilliant ideas from outside of distribution will transform the way you think.

  • Inspired Networking

    Collaborate with the most open-minded in distribution, each ready to revitalize their business...and themselves.

A One Of a Kind Industry Summit to Take Your Distribution Business to the Next Level

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Over the last three years we have changed the paradigm of what an industry conference can be.  Our plan for September 16 - 17, 2015 is to insure these are the most meaningful and transformative two days of your career.

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  • Doug Jones • President • Hines Supply
    UnleashWD will inspire you to think differently about EVERYTHING.
    Doug Jones • President • Hines Supply

Join Other Forward Thinking Distributors - To Be Inspired To Take Action

The 4th annual UnleashWD Innovation Summit is expected to sell out early. 

NEW Content For Distributors

UnleashWD inspires you to think differently, and provides The Innovative Distributor® framework to push boundaries and try new things.

The innovative Distributor Wheel

The summit is structured around the core attributes of what makes a distributor innovative.  The innovative distributor has a level of fury with the status quo that they have to act.  They think forward and different.  They are committed to finding unmet customer needs and creating products, services, and solutions to meet those needs.

And it is you, the transformative leader who is the key to offset the inherent inertia of the status quo and obliterate it by unleashing a spirit of innovation.

UnleashWD Is The Industry's Must Attend Event

Unlike any other industry conference you'll leave thinking about your business in completely new ways.


  • Joe Nettemeyer • President & CEO • Valin Corporation
    If your traditional business model is no longer producing the same results, you need to attend this event.
    Joe Nettemeyer • President & CEO • Valin Corporation

Ready To Obliterate The Status Quo? If So, Join Us at UnleashWD September 16 - 17, 2015

Networking • Innovation • Transformation

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